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Index Fresh uses the latest cutting-edge technologies to deliver avocados from around the world. But the true heart of our business hasn’t changed for nearly a century. We’re still just a group of hard-working California avocado growers committed to the success of the avocado industry. And since we’ve been around the orchard a few times, we understand first-hand the needs of other growers. We back up our knowledge with innovative marketing and operational efficiencies designed to maximize grower return and profitability.

Our programs for growers include:

• Solid market information
• Pre-season estimates
• Seasonal harvest planning
• Maturity testing
• Volume rebate programs

• Free bin delivery/pickup or haul credit
• Rapid feedback of packout information
• Comprehensive analysis of grower returns
• Online packouts and grower statements

Throughout the year, Index Fresh holds meetings in all growing regions to address topical industry issues face-to-face. Past meetings have addressed production concerns, marketing agendas and harvest planning. Every winter, we hold our annual grower meeting, which provides the perfect opportunity to review the prior growing season, make plans for the future and elect our Board of Directors.
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