The Gem Avocado

A Gift From Nature

Index Fresh

Is pleased to present a precious new variety, the GEM avocado. Rich, nutty flavor. Effortless peelability. Striking internal appearance. The GEM truly is an avocado to behold.

Index Fresh GEM Avocado Graphic

Precious Peelability

From the tree to the ripening room to the table, the Gem is truly an avocado to behold. Gold speckles over green while on the tree, the Gem darkens to perfection when ripe. The Gem’s thick skin not only makes it well-suited for travel, it peels effortlessly to reveal a striking internal appearance to match its rich, nutty flavor. The ease with which the Gem is peeled makes it a gift that is made to be opened.

It's a GEM

GEM is labeled with PLU 3509 and an additional sticker that calls out "It's a California GEM" to easily identify it on store shelves. Index Fresh offers posters and booklets with educational information on the GEM avocados.
Ask your sales representative for more details.

The Gift That

More compact than a typical avocado tree, and because its fruit is set farther inside the canopy than most avocados, the Gem tree naturally protects its bounty from damaging wind, heat and frost.

Gem trees tend to produce high, consistent yields, with less alternate bearing. The fruit itself is large, with great size uniformity. In this case, good things come in slightly larger than usual packages.

Index Fresh GEM Avocado Graphic

Don’t Keep This Gift To Yourself

Contact your sales representative at Index Fresh for your customized program. But quantities are limited, so act quickly.

What people are saying....

"The avocados are a dream!! They're so creamy & beautiful.. And so easy to peel! The colors of the flesh are so vibrant! My son ate half alone tonight!" Blake Maser- @TheGourmetPeasant

"I LOVED them! They might have been the best avocados I’ve ever had!" Vevian Vozmediano @VevianVoz

"Excellent taste. All blemish free" @avo_obsessed (800) 352-6931 (909) 877-1577

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