AvoTerra Avocados
Our Avocados

In Chile, they’re known as paltas. In France, they’re avocats. In Mexico, they’re referred to as aquacates. In the United States, they’re avocados. But soon, we expect everyone will just call them AvoTerras.

Years ago, people only thought about avocados when they wanted guacamole. Now, avocados are showing up in a variety of dishes and as the surprise ingredient in many recipes. They’re being sliced onto sandwiches, puréed into soups and spun into sushi rolls. Avocados are even used by bakers to add a creamy texture to breads and cakes.

This growing demand has grocery stores and restaurants increasing the varieties of avocados they offer. One tour of our facilities reveals that avocados are as diverse as the people who grow them. Most U.S. avocados come from California, Florida, Chile, Mexico or the Dominican Republic, though the fruit, which is native to Central America, can be grown in subtropical and Mediterranean climates around the world.

At Index Fresh, we source our AvoTerra avocados from California, Chile, Mexico and Peru. Our programs are designed to provide high-quality fruit to customers whenever, wherever and however they want.